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Mad Alien

0.79u2 [Norbert Kehrer]


- The game is kind of a combination of a shooter and a driving game. You drive a car equipped with a gun on a road. The landscape around you shows different settings (cities, country side, tunnels) and scrolls by from the top to the bottom of the screen. Your enimies (mad aliens) drive in front of you in a galaxian-like formation and you have to shoot them. Watch out for mad aliens leaving the group and turning back to attack your car. Sometimes the road narrows which makes it difficult to dodge the mad aliens. Later in the game obstacle cars appear. They try to ram you, and you can destroy them by shooting their tires. From time to time you enter a tunnel. There it gets dark and you cannot see the attacking enemies until they come within range of your headlight. The Mad Alien machine had kind of a mini cabinet, which was rather uncommon for an arcade game. After the release of the dedicated Mad Alien machine, DECO made also a version of Mad Alien for their Cassette System.

- As with Super Tank (Norbert Kehrer's first driver for MAME), it was very hard to find out how things work. On the one hand, this time the reverse-engineering process was easier, because I had schematics for the game, and it uses two 6502 processors. On the other hand, the video hardware of Mad Alien is rather strange and much more complicated than in Super Tank. So it took quite a lot longer to make this driver. And I am still not 100% sure if the colors are emulated correctly. I would be very interested in comments from owners of a Mad Alien machine and from people who remember the gameplay and the colors of the game. In my MAME driver the colors appear different from the colors in the game flyer for Mad Alien. One difference is e.g., that the walls in the tunnel are red in my driver, whereas in the flyer they are yellow. Another difference is the shape of the headlight. There is definitely a different shape in the Mad Alien ROMs I have (the shape is "rounder"). The headlight shape on the pictures of the arcade flyer must be from an earlier ROM version or maybe from the version for the DECO Cassette System. Additionally, in the flyer picture all the enemies are visible in the tunnel, but I am rather sure from the schematics, that they are only visible, when they are within range of the headlight (this is also what the game manual says). Can someone confirm these differences between the flyer and the actual game? Are the colors in my MAME driver correct (see screen shots)? Brian Deuel: The colors look similar to how he remembers them in the eighties.


- 0.106u2: Stefan Jokisch added clone Mad Alien (Highway Chase).

- 21st February 2004: Norbert Kehrer submitted a driver for Mad Alien.

- 18th February 2004: Norbert Kehrer - Second driver for MAME:

LEVELS: 1 (endless)

Category: Cars

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Romset: 26 kb / 17 files / 14.9 zip