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Lotto Fun 2

0.99u1 [Aaron Giles]


- There are several sounds missing from the game. The music that plays on coinup is missing a piano/synth tone that goes along with it, during play when the door opens it should make a sound similar to a door from Doom1 opening, when checking if balls match or not there should be a buzz or ding sound depending on the ball, and during the prize payout there should be a bell in addition to the click. After the payout, the game over tune should have a slight drum beat going along with the horn. During the 6 ball game when the balls are being dropped into the machine, there seems to be a bit of static that doesn't happen in the 3 ball game. Possibly clipping. The game seems too fast at times though. Not really overspeed, but the real board has a bit of slowdown while the balls bounce around that is not present in MAME. The 3/6 icon rotation is a bit smoother too. Possibly wait states or blitter speed that isn't implemented in MAME yet. lottof2099u1gre Reznor007

- "Insert Coin" text on the title screen gets clipped. lottof2099u2gre Reip / Reznor007


- 0.104u4: Fixed sound1 roms addresses.

- 0.99u1: Added Lotto Fun 2 (HAR 1993).

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Romset: 2080 kb / 13 files / 430 zip