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Lord of Gun (USA)

0.81u4 [David Haywood]


- 0.104: Luca Elia fixed Lord of Gun - Game now playable. Added Z80 (5Mhz) CPU2, YM3812 (3579545 Hz) and OKI6295 (7575 Hz) sound. Fixed cpu1/gfx1/gfx2/sound1 roms order and addresses. Changed visible area to 448x224 and added dipswitches 'Game Mode', 'Guns', 'Ranking Music' and 'Coin Slots'.

- 22nd January 2006: Luca Elia - I've rewritten the skeleton driver in Mame (showing a black screen) of Lord of Gun, a 1994 light gun game by IGS. It was already decrypted but hitting the protection. That was easy to circumvent, so I could concentrate on the rest of the hardware: Z80 + oki + fm for sound, eeprom, light guns, inputs through 2 x 8255, 4 tilemaps, sprites, line scroll. At the moment priorities are all wrong. They should work somewhat similarly to those in the igs_blit.c driver, in that there is some priority ram filled with layers indexes. Only, this time there are 64k of values with two indexes per word. Elsemi, master of the later IGS games, among many other things, points out there is at least another game running on this hardware, Huang Fei Hong, of which a partial dump exists (without graphics roms). So I may look at that one next.

- 0.81u6: Pierpaolo Prazzoli minor improve the Lord of Gun driver (still doesn't work).

- 7th April 2004: David Haywood sent in a preliminary driver for Lord of Gun which doesn't work because of protection.

- 12th January 2003: Guru - Arrived and dumped Lord of Gun (IGS 1994). Thanks to Brian Troha.


Romset: 23104 kb / 16 files / 9.18 zip