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Lunar Lander (rev 2)

0.26 [Brad Oliver, Al Kossow, Hedley Rainnie, Eric Smith, Allard van der Bas]


- The ROM 034597.01 is used for non-English messages only. This ROM is not currently available in the archive, it's only a file fake which contains 2K bytes of hexadecimal FF.


- 0.112u3: Derrick Renaud fixed thrust control in Lunar Lander. The way the DAC/counter circuit always trys to self center at the voltage derived from the thrust control, I don't think it ever expected to get to 0xff. We can not emulate the external DAC circuit exactly, so changing the range to 0xfe seems to solve the problem.

- 0.108u5: Mathis Rosenhauer rewrote the Atari vector generators, using the schematics and actual state machine PROMs. The state machine is now emulated so timing should be much more realistic. Clipping hardware in bzone and others is emulated instead of hardcoded. Improved accuracy of clocks and various other bits of cleanup. Changed M6502 CPU clock speed to 1512000 Hz and added prom ($0 - DVG PROM).

- 0.68: Derrick Renaud fixed all sound effects and gain levels.

- 0.58: Changed palettesize from 33024 to 32768 colors.

- 17th January 2001: Bernd Wiebelt fixed a bug causing static in the discrete sound functions.

- 0.37b11: Keith Wilkins made some support for discrete component sound emulation.

- 28th November 2000: Keith Wilkins sent in a discrete sound system update, fixing some sounds in Asteroids.

- 7th November 2000: Keith Wilkins sent in a preliminary version of discrete sound system emulation, not supporting any game yet.

- 0.37b3: Changed palettesize from 256 to 33024 colors.

- 4th May 1999: Mathis Rosenhauer modified the Lunar Lander artwork functions to support a new control panel by Nathan Strum.

- 6th April 1999: Mathis Rosenhauer updated the Lunar Lander artwork to be scalable if needed.

- 0.34b8: Cristopher Kirmse added artwork support to Lunar Lander.

- 0.33b7: Added clone Lunar Lander (rev 1). Inspired by Retrocade and Vector Dream, Bernd Wiebelt changed the vector games to use translucent vectors. Color intensities had to be lowered, if it feels to dark for you now, increase the gamma correction value.

- 0.33b3: Keith Wilkins emulated sound in Lunar Lander.

- 0.33b2: Keith Wilkins fixed fuel alert sound in Lunar Lander.

- 0.26: Added Lunar Lander (Atari 1979). Selftest does not work. It seems page 0 and 1 are mirrored, and the cpu emulation can't handle this correctly. Thanks to the outstanding combined efforts of Brad Oliver, Bernd Wiebelt and Allard van der Bas, MAME entered in vectorial emulation world! All in a time, we have support for Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Black Widow, Battlezone, Gravitar, Lunar Lander, Red Baron, Spaceduel and Tempest. Thanks to Al Kossow, Hedley Rainnie and Eric Smith for the code to their VECSIM emulator which had emulated these games previously on the UNIX and MAC.


- Insert Coin, select mission with key 2 and then push start

- Land on any flat surface: Crash (5 points), Hard Landing (15 pts) and Good Landing (50 pts)

- Blinking sites multiply score

- If mission looks hopeloss - press abort

- TRAINING MISSION: Light Gravity. Friction From Atmosphere. Controlled Rotation.

- CADET MISSION: Moderate Gravity. No Friction. Controlled Rotation.

- PRIME MISSION: Strong Gravity. No Friction. Controlled Rotation.

- COMMAND MISSION: Moderate Gravity. No Friction. Rotational Momentum.

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Category: Moon

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Romset: 15 kb / 8 files / 9.8 zip