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Lethal Enforcers (ver UAE, 11/19/92 15:04)

0.80 [R. Belmont]


- 0.108u3: David Haywood added missing video change to the Lethal Enforcers driver.

- 0.108u2: Patrik Styrnell and David Haywood added clones Lethal Enforcers (ver EAB, 10/14/92 19:53), (ver EAE, 11/19/92 16:24), (ver unknown, US, 08/17/92 21:38) and (ver unknown, US, 08/06/92 15:11, hacked/proto?).

- 0.106u12: Cananas fixed the fire button INPUT_PORT of player2 in Lethal Enforcers.

- 0.98u1: David Haywood fixed Lethal Enforcers - Game now playable.

- 11th July 2005: David Haywood - Its certainly not pretty, although compared to the Genesis verison its a work of art, but the Arcade version of Lethal Enforcers now works well enough in MAME to be considered 'Working'. There are still a number of glitches, of note are: Sprite Lag - Sprites seem to lag other sprites, rather strange, no idea why, maybe its correct. Sprite Positioning - may be off by 1 pixel, the first level shadow sprites don't line up if I line up the doors on the other levels, I need to see which is right, or if Konami are playing weird tricks. Shadows - Only the background gets shadowed by the shadow sprites (Glass) for some reason enemies don't, probably a limitation of the current sprite/shadow implementation in konamiic.c. Rowscroll - A rowscoll effect is used for the background on the car stage, this isn't currently emulated. Priorities should be mostly correct, scrolling is correct, gunshots seem fairly accurate (maybe very slightly above the cursor).

- 0.97u4: David Haywood improved Lethal Enforcers sprites, allowing 2 sprite chips to be created.

- 2nd July 2005: David Haywood - I decided to take a quick look at Lethal Enforcers... This game is not only one of Konami's ugliest ever games to look at on screen, the hardware its running on is even more disgusting. The driver was started by R. Belmont and Nicola, Its a 1992 game running on an 8-bit processor (an HD63C09EP) connected to graphic chips which were designed for use with 16-bit processors. Thankfully Nicola and R. Belmont managed to work out most of the 'banking from hell' but the problems don't stop there. Konami decided that for this game they wanted 6bpp sprites, however, the sprite chip they were using only supported 4bpp. To get around this problem they connected 2 of the 4bpp sprite chips in parallel, each using the same control data but different ROM data, thus allowing a maximum of 8bpp. Supporting this is ugly, especially when combined with the priority and shadow effects Konami's hardware can do. But I've started to hook it up. The screenshots shows that the priorities are wrong and shadow sprites are causing other sprites to appear with bad colours. I'm not sure of the best way forward from this point so I may let somebody else look at the driver again. The background scrolling is also wrong, but it was wrong before I started looking at the driver and I've made no attempt to fix it.

- 0.92: R. Belmont fixed tilemap colors, guns hooked up and aligned properly, tilemap and sprite layers aligned with the guns and various other cleanups. Added missing gfx2 ($200000) rom, fixed gfx1 roms addresses, visible area to 288x224 and palettesize to 7169 colors.

- 0.91u2: Nicola Salmoria and R. Belmont updated Lethal Enforcers. Changed visible area to 292x256 and palettesize to 7168 colors.

- 0.91u1: R. Belmont implemented 48xx bankswitch region in Lethal Enforcers, which can toggle between custom chip registers and RAM (evil!). Removed hack to pass POST since we now do it the right way. Fixed K056832 RAM interface, added preliminary support for external linescroll RAM on the K056832. This helps with the garbage tilemaps a bit since linescroll data is no longer getting sprayed all over VRAM (note, with this update the driver was just crashing when I tested it, so maybe something is wrong).

- 0.91: R. Belmont updated Lethal Enforcers. Both versions now boot and run. Fixes tilemaps and sprites display. Sound now works. Unified memory maps and added all digital inputs and DIPs.

- 0.80: Added Lethal Enforcers (US ver UAE) and clone Lethal Enforcers (Japan ver JAD).

- 8th March 2004: R. Belmont - I cleaned up my does-nothing Lethal Enforcers driver and sent it in for 0.80. 6309 experts (both of them) are welcome to try and make it do something.

- 28th February 2004: R. Belmont added 8-bit access to the K054157 Konami chip and sent in a preliminary Lethal Enforcers driver which doesn't really work at all.


Category: Shooting 2

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Romset: 9536 kb / 10 files / 5.17 zip