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0.80 [R. Belmont, Nicola Salmoria]


- Lethal Enforcers has 2 sprite rendering chips working in parallel mixing data together to give 6bpp.. we cheat by using a custom function in konamiic.c and a fixed 6bpp decode.

- Japanese version scroll / mirror / guns not set up correctly

- Guns might be slightly off center

- 'External' rowscroll not hooked up correctly (1st attract level, highscores)

- Can't find the flip bits used for the tiles.. (p2 start screen, reload indicator)

- Maybe some priority issues / sprite placement issues.


- Hardware: This hardware is exceptionally weird - they have a bunch of chips intended for use with a 68000 hooked up to an 8-bit CPU. So everything is bankswitched like crazy.