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0.55 [David Graves]


- Unemulated protection messes up both games.

- Seibu sound system mentioned in log.

- Legionnaire: Foreground tiles screwy (screen after character selection screen). Need 16 px off top of vis area?

- Heated Barrel: Big problems with layers not being cleared, especially the text layer. There may be a write to the COP controlling layer clearance? Ends with Access violation when you die on round 1 boss. A lot of non-existent area reads in log - maybe because of bad reads from the COP.

- Denjin Makai: Palette Ram format correct,but color offset wrong? Probably protection related,game updates paletteram with rom data... Need a sound kludge to start. Sprite GFX ROM order wrong,causes wrong sprite graphics.

- Godzilla: The COP-MCU appears to write to the work ram area,otherwise it resets in mid-animation of the title screen.


- Based on D-Con and Toki drivers.

- Heated Barrel looks like a minor revision of the Legionnaire hardware. It has a graphics banking facility, which doubles the 0xfff different tiles available for use in the foreground layer.


- 0.111u4: Angelo Salese added a large update to the legionna driver with much more documentation on the protection and other updates.

- 8th November 2003: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added a bunch of non-working games to the Legionnaire driver.