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Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters (ver EAA)

0.67 [R. Belmont, Phil Stroffolino]

DIP/Input Bugs:

- In le2 is now impossible to reload. The off screen reload area has slowly gotten smaller and smaller through more recent versions of MAME. I shot everywhere along the edge and in no place would it allow a reload of the gun, so the game is unplayable after emptying your first round unless you have cheats on. le2085u2gra Karasu


- 0.82u1: Added clone Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters (ver JAA).

- 0.68: Added clone Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters (Ver UAA).

- 23rd April 2003: Brian A. Troha added the USA version of Lethal Enforcers II to the Konami GX driver.

- 18th March 2002: Guru - Dumped Lethal Enforcers II (Konami 1994) from Pelle.

- 11th March 2003: R. Belmont sent in a Konami System GX driver supporting Lethal Enforcers 2, Gokujou Parodius, Taisen Puzzle-Dama, Sexy Parodius, Daisu-Kiss and Taisen Tokkae-Dama.

- 10th March 2002: R. Belmont reported some more progress with the Konami GX system driver. Alpha blending is working fine and the priorities are sorted out.

- 17th August 2001: R. Belmont sent in some pictures of a work-in-progress Konami System GX driver. The sound is fully emulated but there are some graphics problems in the 3 games that are working (Gokujou Parodius, Twinbee Yahoo! and Sexy Parodius) and the rest of the games suffer from unemulated protection.


Category: Western

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Romset: 20224 kb / 16 files / 11.74 zip