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0.80u3 [R. Belmont, smf]


- Hardware: Konami GV System (aka "Baby Phoenix") - Arcade PSX

- Simpsons Bowling uses an unknown board revision with 4 x 16M FLASHROMs & a trackball.

- 000180 is used for driving the RGB output. It's a very thin piece of very brittle ceramic containing a circuit, a LM1203 chip, some smt transistors/caps/resistors etc (let's just say placing this thing on the edge of the PCB wasn't a good design choice!) On GV999, it has been replaced by three transistors and a MC44200.

- 056602 seems to be some sort of A/D converter (another ceramic thing containing caps/resistors/transistors and a chip)

- CXD2922 and CXD2925 are SPU's.

- The BIOS on ZV610 and GV999 is identical. It's a 4M MASK ROM, compatible with 27C040.

- The CD contains one MODE 1 data track and several Redbook audio tracks which are streamed to the speaker via CN8.

- The ZV and GV PCB's are virtually identical aside from some minor component shuffling and the RGB output mechanism. However note that the GPU revision is different between the two boards and so are some of the other Sony IC's.

- CN8 used to connect redbook audio output from CD drive to PCB.

- CN6 used to connect power to CD drive.

- CN2 used for extra speaker connection for stereo output.

- CN3, CN5 used for connecting 3rd and 4th player controls.

- 001231, 058239 are PALCE16V8H PALs.

- 10E, 12E are unpopulated positions for 16M TSOP56 FLASHROMs (10E is 9E on GV999).

- If the CD is swapped to another GV game, the game will boot but will stop with an error '25C MBAD' (the EEPROM is 25C). So the games can not be swapped by simply exchanging CDs because the EEPROM will not re-init itself if the CDROM is swapped. This appears to be some form of mild protection to stop operators swapping CD's. However it is possible to swap games to another PCB by exchanging the CD _AND_ the EEPROM from another PCB which belongs to that same game. It won't work with a blank EEPROM or a different games' EEPROM.


- 0.114: Couriersud added save state support to the konamigv driver, specifically enabled for Nagano Winter Olympics '98 and Simpsons Bowling.

- 0.111u5: Nathan Woods updated the PSX GPU video driver to use the new BITMAP_ADDR* macros instead of using the line[] array.

- 0.105u2: Nathan Woods fixed the 'Fatal error: Invalid data type' crash in konamigv driver.

- 0.95: R. Belmont changed konamigv and konamigq drivers to support the new 53cf96 configuration system.

- 0.84: R. Belmont fixed the SPU/CDDA volume balance in the Konami GV games.

- 31st March 2004: smf fixed a bug in the PSX graphics rendering that caused weird graphics in the javelin event in Hyper Athlete.

- 0.80u3: R. Belmont and smf submitted a driver for the Konami GV System. The GV System is identical to a home Playstation/PS1 console, except the CD-ROM is SCSI instead of proprietary. The driver is still in progress: The SPU emulation needs a lot of help, especially on Wedding Rhapsody (smf is working on it), the SCSI CD-ROM emulation needs to be separated out from the AM53cf96 if we ever emulate other SCSI controllers or CD-ROM drives, CHDMAN doesn't output anything useful when you extract a CHD-CD. It should write out a CDRDAO image. And Audio tracks on CDs are not compressed at present (or more accurately they're gzip compressed, which is useless). The plan is to use FLAC at some point.