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Koi Koi Part 2

0.112u2 [David Haywood]


- 0.113u3: Added AY8910 (1933500 Hz) sound, changed visible area to 256x2562 and description to 'Koi Koi Part 2'. Added plds ($0, 200, 400, 600, 800) and dipswitches 'Timer C', 'Timer M', 'Coin A' and 'Test Mode' and 2x 'Unknown' - Game now playable.

- 19th March 2007: Tomasz Slanina - KoiKoi 2 is fully (i hope - i can't play hanafuda) playable now.

- 13th March 2007: Tomasz Slanina - Some little progress on KoiKoi 2 (hanafuda). Game is not playable - there's problem with controls (protection?). Colors are wrong.

- 0.112u2: David Haywood added Koi Koi (Kiwako 1983).

- 20th April 2005: Guru - Koi Koi 2 (a Kiwako table cards game) arrived from Japan.

- 4th April 2005: Dumping Project - Our Japanese contact has sent out a box to Guru containing a motherboard for the Imax print-club machine, an 80s 'Koikoi' game (no relation to the Psikyo games).

Romset: 26 kb / 12 files / zip