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Killing Blade (ver. 109, Chinese Board), The

0.84 [David Haywood]


- Killing Blade uses some kind of DMA protection device which can copy data from a data rom. The MCU appears to have an internal ROM as if you remove the data ROM then the shared ram is filled with a constant value. The device can perform various decryption operations on the data it copies. For now we're just using a dump of the shared RAM instead. This will be improved later.


- 0.105u2: ElSemi do some more work on the Killing Blade protection.

- 0.105u1: El Semi added clone The Killing Blade (Taiwan?). El Semi also corrected decryption function for The Killing Blade, fixed gfx3/4 rom loading and added some WIP protection simulation for The Killing Blade (Taiwan?), game boots but at least one stage is broken.

- 22nd May 2004: Guru - The Killing Blade (IGS 1998, PGM cart) arrived on loan from Blastar.

LEVELS: 11 (The Killing Blade (Chinese Board))

Romset: 41024 kb / 15 files / 18.36 zip