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Judge Dredd (rev LA1, prototype)

0.60 [Aaron Giles]


- On some levels, the bottom line(s) of pixels are made up of what should be on the top. This is most noticable when the background shakes, and when you scroll a section where the topmost graphics change/are not one solid color across (see snapshot). jdreddp060gre_1 Smitdogg

- There is a priority problem with the sewer gate & and the woman walking in the background. I must admit it's hard to reproduce because it needs a good timing to kill the last man before this sequence appears (see snapshot). jdreddp060gre_2 DCisTHEbest

- When you insert a coin in attract mode the upper line flickers and sometimes the last letters of "credits:" flicker also. And also sometimes the left most vertical line is not correct. jdreddp0102gre1 RansAckeR

Possible Bugs:

- When you enter the lift in the sewers the lift has no floor. jdreddp0102gre2 RansAckeR


- 0.107u1: Luigi30 removed P4 START (not unsed).

- 0.78: Renamed (jdredd) to (jdreddp).

- 0.63: Changed visible area to 400x254.

- 28th March 2002: Aaron Giles added the Judge Dredd prototype to the Williams T-unit driver.


Category: Cops

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Romset: 10368 kb / 21 files / 6.57 zip