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Jackal (World)

0.33b7 [Kenneth Lin]


* Accurate colors


- Clones supported: Top Gunner ('topgunr') Tokushu Butai Jackal ('jackalj') bootleg Top Gunner ('topgunbl'). topgunbl also allows to rotate the gun turret with a rotary switch. This feature is not available in the original sets. In jackalj, the gun faces the direction you are moving. In the others, it always faces up.


- 28th July 2006: Guru - Top Gunner (Konami 1986) and other games just arrived in 2 huge boxes. I think most of these are just for fixing issues in MAME (snd/gfx etc). Big thanks to Tingoes.

- 0.89u4: Curt Coder cleaned up the Jackal driver.

- 0.36b13: Added proms ($0, $100 - color lookup tables).

- 22nd December 1999: Nicola Salmoria fixed some graphics problems in Jackal.

- 0.36b8: Added clone Tokushu Butai Jackal (Japan). In Jackal (Japan), the gun faces the direction you are moving. In the other sets, it always faces up. Fixed Jackal (World) romset with gfx1 roms ($0, $1, $40000, $40001).

- 0.36b7: Fixed gfx1 roms.

- 26th September 1999: Nicola fixed Jackal character roms.

- 0.35RC2: Karl Stenerud added rotary control support to clone Top Gunner. This works in topgunbl *only* - the gun turret cannot be rotated in jackal and topgunr, those games don't support the rotary joystick.

- 0.34b5: Nicola Salmoria added clone Top Gunner (bootleg); also fixed the original set.

- 0.33b7: Kenneth Lin added Jackal (Konami 1986) and clone Top Gunner. Issues: The high score table colors are probably not correct (all lines are white). Sprites disappear at the border of thse screen and are not in sync with the scroll. At the beginning of a game, part of the screen remains black. Top Gunner doesn't work, ROM 16D doesn't pass the self test.

ARCADE RELEASE: Tokusyu Butai Jackal (Konami) - 1986/Oct/15


Category: Army Fighter 2

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Romset: 625 kb / 9 files / 227 zip