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I, Robot

0.36b10 [Dan Boris, John Dickson]

0.33b3 [Dan Boris]


- 0.113u4: Zsolt Vasvari fixed I, Robot crash introduced in last timing update.

- 0.110: Luigi30 fixed joystick X/Y range in I, Robot (see JOYSTICK TEST 1 in Service Mode).

- 0.97u3: MASH fixed bitmap displaying in I, Robot.

- 14th June 2000: John Dickson fixed a few graphics glitches in I, Robot.

- 6th January 2000: Vernon C. Brooks fixed an I, Robot reset problem and some Namco System 1 drivers' problems.

- 10th December 1999: Aaron Giles fixed the speed of I, Robot's mathbox.

- 7th December 1999: Aaron Giles sent in a nice optimization to the I, Robot driver.

- 2nd December 1999: Bernd Wiebelt fixed some things in I, Robot and added 16bpp support.

- 0.36b10: Re-added 'I, Robot'. Changed visible area to 256x232. Suggestion: Turn off autoframeskip.

- 19th November 1999: Dan Boris submitted a different version of the I-Robot driver.

- 16th November 1999: Dan Boris finally sent in the I, Robot driver.

- 12th November 1999: Dan Boris and John Dickson have gotten I, Robot fully playable, but don't yet expect to see it in the next beta.

- 3rd November 1999: John Dickson has made some progress with I, Robot, but don't expect to see anything soon.

- 0.36b4: Changed 'I, Robot' to TESTDRIVER.

- 0.33b3: Dan Boris added 'I, Robot' (Atari 1983) (preliminary).


- Move robot over all red zones. When red zones are eliminated jump to eye to complete each wave.

- Do not jump if eye is red.

- To jump: Go to an edge and push joystick in desired direction (flashing squares indicate where you can land).

- Avoid all enemy objects. Some can be destroyed by using fire button.

- In the space waves shoot all pyramids to get maximum points. Some objects cannot be destroyed.

- Hints: The shield counts down the number of red zones remaining. To select higher levels enter transporter. To change perspective press start buttons.

Movie: I, Robot

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Year: USA 2004

Director: Alex Proyas

Studio: 20th Century-Fox

Cast: Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood, James Cromwell and Chi McBride

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Romset: 152 kb / 25 files / 84.8 zip