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Hunchback (set 1)

0.37b10 [Mike Coates, Malcolm Lear]

0.36b3 [Mike Coates]

0.25 [James R. Twine, Chris Hardy]


- When you get to the second level, you can't jump on to the rope the way you normally would in e.g. Pitfall. Don't move right, just press jump and you are on the rope! :) Same thing happens on the end of that screen, if you try to jump on the bell you end up on the rope again. This *IS* the correct behaviour, as odd it seems. Or rather, this is the behaviour of a real PCB. Stu

- If you turn while jumping, hunchback will be garbled: 1st part of hunchback gets flipped in frame 1, 2nd part of him gets flipped in frame 2. The garbled Hunchback is normal behaviour of the original arcade machine. The trick we used to do was to get hunch back to jump just in front of the bell and cause him to touch the bell in the garbled state, as kids we used to call this a "spazed" hunchback (yes I know not politically correct!). fred decoma


- Clone hunchbks: In Esmerela's tower, rope on left leaves a trace when moving upward. hunchbks36b9gre Hazard


- 0.79u2: Added clone Hunchback (Galaxian hardware).

- 18th February 2004: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added a version of Hunchback running on Galaxian hardware.

- 0.37b10: Added Hunchback (Century Electronics).

- 16th November 2000: Mike Coates fixed some bugs in the CVS driver, added Heart Attack to it and fixed the broken Hunchback clones on different hardware.

- 14th November 2000: Mike Coates submitted the Century Video System driver written by him and Malcolm Lear, supporting Hunchback, Hero, Hunchback Olympic, Cosmos, Dark Warrior, Video Eight Ball, Logger, Dazzler, Wall Street, Radar Zone, Gold Bug and Superbike.

- 0.37b2: Added new prom to clone Hunchback (Scramble hardware).

- 0.36b12: Added 'Bonus Life' dipswitch to clone Hunchback (Scramble conversion).

- 12th December 1999: Marco Cassili fixed dipswitches in Hunchback etc.

- 0.36b3: Mike Coates added Hunchback (Donkey Kong conversion) (Century 1983) and clone (Scramble hardware). Removed Hunchback (Century) (Testdriver) from MAME.

- 19th August 1999: Mike Coates fixed a bug in S2650 which made Hunchback miscalculate things, and sent in a driver for Hunchback running on Donkey Kong hardware.

- 18th August 1999: Mike Coates sent in a Hunchback driver, which actually runs on the almighty Scramble hardware.

- 0.33b7: Changed Hunchback to (Testdriver).

- 0.29: Nicola Salmoria moved the Hunchback driver into dkong.c, since that's where it belongs (but it still doesn't work due to encryption).

- 0.25: Support for Hunchback (doesn't work yet). Runs on a modified Donkey Kong Jr. board.


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Hunchback Olympic

Romset: 32 kb / 10 files / 20.6 zip