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Vs. Hot Smash

0.74u2 [Tomasz Slanina]


- If you run the game with the throttle on, once you insert a coin, the game hangs. The game runs fine with the throttle off. I can recreate above it by starting the game with the following adjustments to INI: autoframeskip 0, frameskip anything more than 0 and throttle 0. Credit sound doesn't even come up when it crash so this might be a micro controller issue (MCU)? hotsmash0110u4red Jason / Tafoid


- 0.102u5: Nicola Salmoria fixed Vs. Hot Smash - Game now playable. Added M68705 (2MHz) MCU and dipswitches 'Demo Sounds', 'Difficulty vs. CPU' and 'Difficulty vs. 2P'.

- 18th February 2005: Guru - Vs. Hot Smash (Taito) arrived, purchased by Randy on eBay some months ago. The 68705 MCU is dumped now!

- 0.90: Nicola Salmoria fixed Prebillian/Hot Smash sample playback and improved Hot Smash MCU simulation - the game is playable now though still incomplete.

- 6th March 2003: Tomasz Slanina sent in a driver for Prebillian and Hot Smash, but Hot Smash is not playable due to protection.

Category: Hockey

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Romset: 146 kb / 6 files / 52.63 zip