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Hot Rod (World, 3 Players, Turbo set 1, Floppy Based)

0.77u3 [GreyRogue, Olivier Galibert]

0.74u2 [?]


- 0.88u4: Added clone Hot Rod (World, 3 Players, Turbo set 2). Added the old user2 rom to Hot Rod.

- 0.88u3: Chris Hardy added clone Hot Rod (Japan, 4 Players). Added new user2 rom to Hot Rod.

- 0.77u3: Added 'Start Credit' and 'Coin Chute' dipswitches.

- 3rd December 2003: Olivier Galibert fixed the controls in HotRod and Bonanza Bros, and HotRod was made playable by the addition of a ROM mirror thanks to GreyRogue's findings.

LEVELS: 30 (endless)

Category: Sprint

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Romset: 2136 kb / 3 files / 1.01 zip