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Hit Me (set 1)

0.60 [David Haywood]


- The hitme video generator added two blank lines to the beginning of each row. In order to simulate this, MAME decode an extra two lines at the top of each character.


- 0.100: Aaron Giles fixed graphics decode in Hit Me.

- 0.80u2: Aaron fixed bug in 555 timer that led to whiny noise in Hit Me. Removed 'Game Speed (analog)' and 'Card Width (analog)' dipswitches.

- 17th March 2004: Aaron Giles - Derrick Renaud managed to figure out why Hit Me was whining, which is a relief because at 22kHz it sounded pretty annoying.

- 0.80u1: Aaron Giles added discrete sound support for Hit Me, fixed incorrect video (missing scanlines and inverting logic), added controls to handle card width and game/sound speed and cleaned up memory maps. Changed visible area to 320x190 and added 'Game Speed (analog)' and 'Card Width (analog)' dipswitches.

- 9th March 2004: Aaron Giles - I've been talking to Derrick Renaud about the discrete sound system and how I can start getting involved. Derrick suggested to look at Ramtek's Hit Me, but it had some tricks all its own. I had to add a D-type flip-flop primitive. I think I've finally got it working now. While I had the schematics handy, I took some extra time to fix up some video and memory map issues in the driver.

- 0.74u2: Added clone Black Jack (Mirco).

- 27th September 2003: MASH added clone Black Jack (Micro).

- 0.60: Added 'Hit Me'.

- 18th April 2002: David Haywood updated the old Hit Me / Brick Yard drivers and added Barricade to it.

Romset: 3 kb / 5 files / 2.5 zip