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0.29 [Paul Leaman]


- All games: There is some code that allows you to select your starting level (at 0x08dc in 'gunsmoka' and at 0x08d2 in the other sets). To do so, once the game has booted (after the "notice" screen), turn the "service" mode Dip Switch ON, and change Dip Switches DSW 1-0 to 1-3 (which are used by coinage). About the ingame bug at the end of level 2 : enemy's energy (stored at 0xf790) is in fact not infinite, but it turns back to 0xff, so when it reaches 0 again, the boss is dead.

- gunsmokj: Japan version (but English text though). You can enter 8 chars for your initials.

- gunsmoku: US version licenced to Romstar. You can enter 3 chars for your initials.

- gunsmoka: US version licenced to Romstar. You can enter 3 chars for your initials. This is probably a later version of the game because some code has been added for the "Lives" Dip Switch that replaces the "Demonstation" one (so demonstration is always OFF). Other changes:Year is 1986 instead of 1985, High score is 110000 instead of 100000 and Levels 3 and 6 are swapped.


- In Gunsmoke there is a unknown routine at 0x0e69 tries to read data starting at 0xc4c9. If this value is zero, it interprets the next two bytes as a jump address. This was resulting in a reboot which happens at the end of level 3 if you go too far to the right of the screen when fighting the level boss. A non-zero for the first byte seems to be harmless (although it may not be the correct behaviour). This could be some devious protection or it could be a bug in the arcade game. It's hard to tell without pulling the code apart.


- Gunsmoke has three 256x4 palette PROMs (one per gun) and a lot of 256x4 lookup table PROMs.


- 0.88u1: Curt Coder cleaned up driver, converted Gunsmoke to use tilemaps, merged memory maps, fixed inputs/dips based on manuals and removed GUNSMOKE_HACK and fake dips.

- 0.29: Added gunsmoke.c driver.