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Gun Master

0.97u5 [Guru, David Haywood]


- Locks up in Leo level. Inp for 0.103u4. Update by cpukett in 0.103u4: It doesnt always freeze up on Leos level, well very rarely it does as you can see from the photo i got past Leo but it does freeze up on other levels aswell. I have had it freeze up on the first level heaps of times espically during a 2 player game. Updated by sjyune in 0.108u2: seems interrupt value is too high (10)..changing this value to (6) fixed the hainging bug...though there's still GFX glitches -flickering squares in the background when scrolling... gunmast099u9red Layne / Twisty / cpukett / sjyune


- 0.106u3: Added 'Allow P2 to Join Game' dipswitch and changed 'Unknown' to 'Unused' dips.

- 0.105u1: Brian Troha fixed dipswitches in Gun Master. Added dipswitches 'Difficulty', 'Allow Continue', 'Demo Sounds' and 'Lives'.

- 0.97u5: Added Gun Master.

- 6th July 2005: David Haywood - Guru dumped Gun Master. It took a couple of minutes to add, although there are some scrolling glitches similar to those found in the odd other Metro hardware title. The game is fairly similar to the Megaman arcade games by Capcom, or Monster Maulers by Konami. Basically a series of boss battles. Thank to Luca Elia for writing the Metro driver in the first place.

- 18th February 2005: Guru - Gun Master arrived from Japan.


Category: Fighter (Special)

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Romset: 2944 kb / 8 files / 1.42 zip