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0.37b13 [Bryan McPhail, David Graves]


- FLIPX support in taitoic.c is not quite correct - the Taito logo is wrong, and the floor in the Doom levels has horizontal scrolling where it shouldn't.

- No networked machine support

- Coin lockout not working (see gunbustr_input_w): perhaps this was a prototype version without proper coin handling?


- Gunbuster uses a slightly enhanced sprite system from the one in Taito Z games. The key feature remains the use of a sprite map rom which allows the sprite hardware to create many large zoomed sprites on screen while minimizing the main cpu load. This feature makes the SZ system complementary to the F3 system which, owing to its F2 sprite hardware, is not very well suited to 3d games. (Taito abandoned the SZ system once better 3d hardware platforms were available in the mid 1990s.) Gunbuster also uses the TC0480SCP tilemap chip (like the last Taito Z game, Double Axle).