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0.34b1 [Steve Ellenoff, Jarek Parchanski]

TODO (Joshi Volleyball):

- The incomplete graphic

- The implementation of DAC sound ?

- MCU code DUMP and emulation

- The true interrupt circuit of SUB CPU

- Unknown ROM (BANK ROM of sub-cpu ?)


- Driver by Steve Ellenoff (Original emulation and Mame driver), Jarek Parchanski: Dip Switch Fixes, Color improvements, ADPCM Interface code, Tatsuyuki Satoh: Sound improvements, NEC 8741 emulation,adpcm improvements, josvollyvall 8741 emulation and Charlie Miltenberger: Sprite colors improvements & precious hardware information and screenshots.

- Trick: If you want fight with ODILION swordsman patch program for 1st CPU (set $2256-225A = 0), otherwise you won't never fight with him.


- Error messages in vidhrdw/gsword.c: WRITE_HANDLER( gs_videoctrl_w ): gsword. messages056ora stephh / almightyjustin


- 13th July 1999: Jarek Parchanski sent in an update to Great Swordsman driver, with almost correct sprite lookup table, and better sound.

- 0.34b1: Added gsword.c driver. Steve Ellenoff (Original emulation and MAME driver) and Jarek Parchanski (Dipswitch fixes, color improvements and ADPCM Interface code). Special thanks to Camilty for precious hardware information and screenshots.