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0.61 [Farfetch'd, David Haywood]


- Finish hooking up the inputs

- Tilemap scrolling/rotation/zooming or whatever effect it needs

- Priorities are wrong. I suspect they need sprite orthogonality

- Missing mixer registers (mainly layer enable/disable)

- Merge with other Video System games ?


- Both games seem to be similar hardware, V Goal Soccer doesn't work. The hardware is also quite similar to several other Video System games.

- In particular, the sound hardware is identical to aerofgt (including the memory mapping of the Z80, it's really just a romswap), and the sprite chip (Fujitsu CG10103) is the same used in several Video System games (see the notes in the vidhrdw).

- Grand Striker has an IRQ2 which is probably network related.

- DSWs need correctly mapping, they're just commented for the moment.

- Similar, but not identical hardware, appear to be protected by an MCU: V Goal Soccer and World Cup '94


- 0.100u4: David Haywood added some basic zooming support to the gstriker/twcup94 driver.