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Ground Effects / Super Ground Effects (Japan)

0.68 [Bryan McPhail, David Graves]


- It has wrong default NVRAM settings, especially about the lap number (1) and the coin/credit settings (1/2). You can also notice that if you go into service mode and toggle the lap counter, you notice that you can't enter 1 lap again. groundfx069gre Kale


- 0.106u8: Fixed ES5505 clock speed to 15238050 Hz.

- 0.102u5: Mamesick fixed acceleration port.

- 15th April 2003: Bryan McPhail and David Graves wrote a driver for Ground Effects.

- 20th February 2003: Guru - Bryan McPhail and David Graves preliminary emulate Ground Effects and presents a few in-game pics.

- 15th February 2003: Guru - Ground Effects (Taito 1993) arrived.

Category: F1-3D

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Romset: 24576 kb / 19 files / 7.65 zip