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Power Instinct 3 - Groove On Fight (J 970416 V1.001)

0.81u4 [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

0.74u2 [?]


- 10th October 2005: Guru - Power Instinct 3 arrived. Thanks to our new Korean contact.

- 30th September 2005: Dumping Project - Our Korean contact has bought Power Instinct 3 (US version) at a Korean shop.

- 0.81u4: Mariusz Wojcieszek fixes sprites in Power Instinct 3 which is now playable.

- 28th February 2004: Angelo Salese added RGB brightness control to VDP2 in the ST-V driver and kludged Power Instinct 3 so that it boots (it has missing sprites though).

Category: Fighter

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Romset: 31744 kb / 9 files / 12.7 zip