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Grand Tour

0.70u1 [Tomasz Slanina]


- 0.103u1: Tomasz Slanina and Guru fixed graphics layer priority in Grand Tour.

- 28th December 2005: Guru - I repaired my Grand Tour PCB and pointed out a few things that were not correct to Dox, which he promptly fixed.

- 27th December 2005: Tomasz Slanina - Fixed bg/fg priorities in Grand Tour.

- 12th June 2003: Tomasz Slanina fixed program ROM decryption and emulated protection in Grand Tour, so it's now playable.

- 7th March 2003: Guru - Grand Tour (IGS 1993) arrived. Thanks to Brian Troha (who purchased the board from a New Zealand seller, which explains why it came from an unknown person in NZ).

LEVELS: 20 (endless)

Romset: 896 kb / 7 files / 356 zip