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Golgo 13 (Japan, GLG1/VER.A)

0.77 [smf]


- 0.96u3: R. Belmont hooked up light gun properly in Golgo 13 - Game now playable.

- 21st May 2005: R. Belmont - Following an incorrect but well-meaning outside submission trying to make the lightgun work in Golgo 13 (Eighting/Raizing/Namco 1998) I dug into the problem and got it working properly, which makes the game fully playable. For the unfamiliar, it's sort of a cross between the sniper gameplay of Silent Scope (there's a 'zoom' button rather than 2 screens) and the timed minigames of Point Blank (you have only a few seconds to pull off a shot properly before the stage ends).

- 0.84u2: R. Belmont added support for alternate ROM banking protection used by golgo13, so it runs now (there's a very long black screen at the beginning, just wait it out). The gun inputs are partially supported but not working yet because I'm unable to figure out what format the game wants the data in.

- 4th July 2004: R. Belmont - I've gotten a few more of the System 12 games playable in MAME, including Super World Stadium '99 and Raizing/Eighting's lightgun-based Golgo 13.

- 0.78: Fixed input and user3 roms addresses.

- 13th April 2003: Guru - Dumped Golgo 13.

- 21st February 2003: Guru - Golgo 13 (Namco/Raizing/8ing 1999) arrived. Special thanks to Gin (our Japanese contact) for making it all happen again. The dumping project wishes to thank all the people who donated towards this particular raid, including Gin, slaanesh, gnoppi, Louis T., wtc4ever, Renaud D., phys32, R. Belmont, fiji, Amnios and an anonymous donator.


Romset: 82432 kb / 17 files / 44.03 zip