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0.22 [Mirko Buffoni, Roberto Ventura, Nicola Salmoria]


- Diamond Run doesn't use all the ROMs. d5 is not used at all, and the second half of d3o is not used either. There are 0x38 levels in total, the data for levels 0x00-0x0f is taken from ROM space 0x8000-0xbfff, the data for levels 0x10-0x37 is taken from the banked space 0x4000-0x5fff (5 banks) (see the table at 0xc66f). Actually, looking at the code it seems to roll overs at level 0x2f, and indeed the data for levels 0x30-0x37 isn't valid (player starts into a wall, or there are invisible walls, etc.) The 0x6000-0x7fff ROM space doesn't seem to be used: instead the game writes to 6048 and reads from 6000. Silly copy protection?


- 0.22: Added gng.c driver.