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Gladiator (US)

0.33b6 [Victor Trucco, Steve Ellenoff, Phil Stroffolino]


- 0.106u1: Don Maeby fixed input in Gladiator (P1 and P2 start are mapped twice).

- 0.92u1: Nicola Salmoria updated Gladiator driver: Verified with schematics, converted to tilemaps, fixed scrolling, simplified tile decoding, flip screen support, fixed spriteram size (this fixes gladiatr36rc2gre), support for sprite dual buffer (this fixes sprite trails), adjusted YM2203 mixing levels so bass notes can still be heard (the audio mixing stage has some program controlled filters though which aren't supported), merged drivr with ppking and proper blending of the fg layer (it's a palette effect not alpha blending). Changed MSM5205 clock speed to 375000 Hz, palettesize to 1024 colors and cpu1/3 + gfx2/3 roms addresses.

- 0.90: Nicola Salmoria added clone Great Gurianos (Japan?).

- 0.87u2: Added proms ($0, $20 - unused).

- 1st April 2000: Guru - Dumped Gladiator (Alt) (DataEast).

- 0.35: Removed clone Golden Castle since a complete dump is available. Changed M6809 CPU3 clock speed to 750000 Hz.

- 24th June 1999: Steve Ellenoff fixed Gladiator ADPCM sample pitch.

- 0.35RC1: Tatsuyuki Satoh added support for slave mode to the MSM5205 emulation. The samples are no longer needed. Added MSM5205 (455000 Hz) sound and changed M6809 CPU3 clock speed to 900000 Hz.

- 1st June 1999: Tatsuyuki Satoh fixed the ADPCM hack in Gladiator driver.

- 0.34b3: Tatsuyuki Satoh improved Gladiator input handling.

- 0.34b1: Steve Ellenoff added clone Golden Castle (the code is the same as the Japanese version). Steve Ellenoff added sound in Gladiator and clones. Added ADPCM and Samples sound.

- 0.33b7: Nicola Salmoria added clone 'Ohgon no Siro'.

- 0.33b6: Victor Trucco added Gladiator (Taito 1986). Issues: Communication to/from sound CPU(s) not yet hooked up. Input ports/dipswitches are working RAM hacks (see above). CPU speed may not be accurate. Some sprites linger on later stages (probably a sprite enable bit).


Category: Fighter (Special)

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Romset: 433 kb / 20 files / 256 zip