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Gimme A Break

0.36b5 [Aaron Giles]

DIP/Input Bugs:

- When cabinet is switched to cocktail mode, player 1 controls do not function. Neither mouse nor joystick. Player 2 seems to work. This is not a dual mouse issue because the driver is only set up for X1, and Y1. There aren't any controls defined for player 2. I have the player1 controls working, I think, for player2 but not player1. The mouse won't do anything, but an analog joystick will. I set TrackX and Y of player2 to the second stick, and player1 to the first. the second does nothing, the first controls p2 only. gimeabrk078u3gra southpaw / TriggerFin


- 0.36b5: Aaron Giles added Gimme A Break (Bally/Sente 1985).

- 6th September 1999: Aaron Giles sent in a huge Bally/Sente driver, with Chicken Shift, Gimme a Break, Goalie Hhost, Hat Trick, Mini Golf, Night Stocker, Off the Wall, Rescue Raider, Sente Diagnostics Cartridge, Snacks'n Jaxson, Stocker, Street Football, Toggle and Trivial Pursuit. There are still more games running on this hardware.

Category: Billiard

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Romset: 104 kb / 7 files / 37.7 zip