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0.30 [Aaron Giles]


- 0.114: Couriersud added general save state support to the atarigen module.

- 0.76: Aaron Giles update the driver and added a couple of Gauntlet, Gauntlet 2 and Vindicators Pt 2 clones.

- 28th September 2000: Aaron Giles sent in an Atari games update with working speech in Gauntlet attract mode.

- 0.35b11: Major overhaul to the Atari games, and fixes to the 68000 and 6502 cores to get them going properly [Aaron Giles].

- 19th April 1999: Aaron Giles sent in another Atari games update with support for Vindicators II, some alternate romsets and the driver is now much cleaner.

- 12th April 1999: Aaron Giles has gotten Gauntlet working again by implementing the interrupts correctly.

- 11th September 2000: Nicola Salmoria fixed Gauntlet and some other Atari games from crashing.

- 17th February 2000: Aaron Giles cleaned up the Atari drivers a lot, and fixed Gauntlet's shadow rendering.

- 0.30: Added gauntlet.c driver.