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Gauntlet Dark Legacy (version DL 2.52)

0.102u5 [Reznor007]

0.91u1 [Aaron Giles]

HardDisk required


- When you set the game to run in VGA mode the game crashes once it starts to load the game after the initial boot sequence. Also, when the game switches to VGA mode MAME shows the screen area to be 639x480@60Hz, but when I connected my real Gauntlet DL PCB to my VGA monitor it showed 640x480@59.9Hz(and it's not just the monitor rounding, on my video card it will hard lock on 60Hz). More info is linked. Updated by Reznor007 in 0.105: Does not crash on VGA mode anymore. The Voodoo rewrite probably fixed this. The resolution still shows up as 639x480 instead of 640x480 like the test menu states though. gauntdl095u3red Reznor007 / Firewave

- If you go into test mode and do a filesystem check the game crashes with this on screen. I think it was still working after the Voodoo rewrite, so probably somewhere in between here and there. gauntdl0105red Reznor007


- 0.102u5: Reznor007 added Gauntlet Dark Legacy (version DL 2.52) and replaced harddisk file in clone (version DL 2.4). Aaron Giles fixed overflow in Voodoo 1/W calculation that messed up some textures and added missing color combine mode used by Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

- 19th April 2004: Aaron Giles - I've also spent a little time trying to get my preliminary Vegas driver back up and running. At the moment, I have Gauntlet Legends and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy up and running with sound, but they both die a terrible death when actual gameplay is encountered (either in attract mode or in the actual game). War: The Final Assault is in the same category. One thing I've discovered recently is that the CPU emulation is still the big bottleneck, even moreso than the Voodoo emulation. When the heavy-duty floating point calculations kick in, the current dynamic recompiler is pretty inefficient. I'm starting to think about bumping the compiler to a two-pass system in order to provide an optimization pass that could help out the code quality immensely.

- 0.78: Aaron Giles fixed IDE controller final sector handling for Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and added new PIC mapping.

- 12th December 2003: Aaron Giles - Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and War: Final Assault work with the new ADSP-2104-based DCS sound core, the others fall over at the moment unless I help them along.

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Romset: 544 kb / 3 files / 260.0 zip

Harddisk: 3079.1 MB (Heads: 16, Cylinders: 6256, Sectors: 63 - Compressed: 1574.5)

Harddisk (gauntd24): 2181.5 MB (Heads: 5, Cylinders: 34367, Sectors: 26 - Compressed: 1528.3)