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Gaplus (rev. D)

0.62 [Stephane Humbert]

0.35b9 [Manuel Abadia, Ernesto Corvi]

Samples required (Gaplus)


- Easter egg: Enter service mode, keep P1 start and P1 button pressed and move joystick left until sound reaches 19, then (c) 1984 NAMCO will appear on the screen.


- In reverse scrolling stages after challenging stages, the background should scroll at high speed. And when you get the Elephant-head (Blaster-Head that appears at PARSEC 16 first), the background also doesn't scroll at high speed in MAME. Scrolling speed in real board is as same as players speed with Hyper-Head. gaplus36rc2gre Fujix


- 0.106u12: MASH added pld ($0 - pal10l8.8n) to Gaplus and clones (alternate hardware) and (rev. B).

- 0.106u2: Fixed rom names in clone Gaplus (alternate hardware).

- 0.90: Brian Troha fixed gaplus driver to use its samples (bang.wav).

- 0.79u1: Replaced Namco sound with Namco 15XX.

- 0.78u4: Nicola Salmoria added round advance dip switch in Gaplus available & working and non-hack implementation in Gaplus.

- 0.62: Added Gaplus (rev. D).

- 2nd September 2002: Stephane Humbert added a new version to the Gaplus driver.

- 0.37b14: Added clone Galaga 3 (set 1). The old (set 1) is (set 3) now.

- 27th March 2001: Guru added new ROM sets for The Final Round, Galaga 3 and Tecmo World Cup '90.

- 0.37b12: Changed VSync to 60.606060Hz.

- 10th April 2000: Guru - Dumped Galaga 3 (Namco, alt set 3).

- 28th March 2000: Manuel Abadia added cocktail support to Baraduke, Metro-Cross, Gaplus and Pandora's Palace.

- 12th April 1999: Ernesto Corvi sent in a newer Gaplus driver with custom io chips fully emulated (all 4 sets work now) and some other changes like correct starfield speed.

- 0.35b9: Manuel Abadia and Ernesto Corvi added Gaplus (set 1) (Namco 1984) and clones (set 2) and Galaga 3 (set 1) and (set 2).

- 29th March 1999: Nicola fixed the screeching sounds of Gaplus.

- 28th March 1999: Ernesto Corvi sent in a new Gaplus driver with preliminary Galaga 3 support added (not working because of a different custom I/O chip).

- 27th March 1999: Ernesto Corvi sent in a much better Gaplus driver which is now fully playable and has also sound support.

- 26th March 1999: Nicola fixed Gaplus colors.

- 24th March 1999: Ernesto Corvi has sent in a preliminary driver for Gaplus (happy now QuarterGuy?), made by Manuel Abadia and him. There are still many things to figure out, first being controls and colors.

LEVELS: 40 (endless)

Other Emulators:

* HiVE

Category: Galaxian

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Romset: 99 kb / 20 files / 53.1 zip