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Mahjong Gakuensai (Japan)

0.37b16 [Luca Elia]

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- Mahjong Gakuensai - There are several graphics glitches throuout the game, for instance, when you're playing Mahjong with one of the women, and it scrolls up to their face, you can see a glitched pattern. After this, you can see glitches at the top of the screen during the game of Mahjong. Also, When you are getting photos from a guy, and it scrolls away from him, there is a block glitch. Lastly, when you take a picture of any of the topless females, there mouth is flashing (happens with all of them) (see screenshots). gakusai056gre Karasu

- The in-game scrolling effects in gakusai (Mahjong Gakuensai) display corrupt graphics until the scroll is finished. This only seems to affect the in-game scrolling - the scroll when you meet your first challenger works just fine. Screenshot 1. Screenshot 2. gakusai37b16gre erik

- gakusai, gakusai2: All music played has the drum machine playing VERY loudly and all other instruments playing VERY softly, to the point that they are barely audible. This also affects a few non-vocal sound effects. Doesn't affect other games in metro.c. gakusai066ora MAMEjong


- 1st July 2001: Luca Elia added Mahjong Gakuensai 1 and 2 to the Metro driver.


Romset: 37376 kb / 11 files / 13.95 zip