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0.31 [Alex Pasadyn]


- Make sure all of the protection accesses in raiga are handled correctly.

- Work out how lower priority sprites are affected by blended sprites.


- The sprite Y size control is slightly different from gaiden/wildfang to raiga. In the first two, size X and Y change together, while in the latter they are changed independently. This is handled with a variable set in DRIVER_INIT, but it might also be a selectable hardware feature, since the two extra bits used by raiga are perfectly merged with the rest. Raiga also uses more sprites than the others, but there's no way to tell if hardware is more powerful or the extra sprites were just not needed in the earlier games.

- The hardware supports blending sprites and background. There are 3 copies of the palette; one for pixels that aren't blended, one for pixels that are behind the object that will be blended and one for the object that will be blended. Blending is performed by switching to the appropriate palettes for the pixels behind the blended object and the object itself, and then adding the RGB values.

- Wild Fang / Tecmo Knight has a simple protection. It writes codes to 0x07a804, and reads the answer from 0x07a007. The returned values contain the address of a function to jump to.


- 24th January 2003: Stephane Humbert fixed the dipswitches and inputs in the Ninja Gaiden driver.

- 19th February 1999: Phil Stroffolino has "finished" the Gaiden graphics driver.

- 0.31: Added gaiden.c driver.