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Future Spy (315-5061)

0.34b1 [Nicola Salmoria]

0.30 [Nicola Salmoria]

Samples required (Zaxxon)


* Add better sound/samples


- Use F2 to enter test mode, then 1 to advance from one test to the following.


- 0.107u2: Rewrote Zaxxon driver from the schematics. This is still a WIP (not finished yet) [Aaron Giles]: Fixed clock speeds and video timing. Complete memory maps. Simplified video code and merged common cases together. Palette derived from resistor weights. Background positioning still a little off.

- 0.76u1: Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 3041250 Hz.

- 0.36b11: Added Zaxxon samples.

- 0.34b8: Dave W. added hiscore save in Future Spy.

- 0.34b1: Nicola Salmoria added Future Spy (Testdriver before).

- 0.33b7: Changed Future Spy to (Testdriver).

- 0.30: Nicola Salmoria added Future Spy (Sega 1984), not working due to code encryption.

LEVELS: 9 (endless)

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Category: Airforce 3D

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Romset: 129 kb / 17 files / 47.2 zip