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0.99u2 [Curt Coder, Peter Trauner]


- Fix the last 2 GFX planes in magiccrd.

- Figure out the royalcdc and jokercrd encryption.

- Analyze the unknown writes to $2000/$4000 in some games.

- Check for the reads to the ay8910 output ports in some games.

- Figure out the MCU in monglfir and soccernw.

- Correct the ROM_REGION in some games to allow the use of RGN_FRAC


- It takes 46 seconds for the bigdeal/jolycdat games to boot up after the initial screen is displayed!!!

- The default DIP switch settings must be used when first booting up the games to allow them to complete the NVRAM initialization.

- Almost all games: Start game, press and hold Service1 & Service2, press reset (F3), release Service1/2 and press reset (F3) again. Now the NVRAM has been initialized.

- Royalcdb needs a hard reset after NVRAM initialization.

- For games that allow remote credits, after NVRAM init change the payout DIP switch from "Hopper" to "Manual Payout".

- Pool 10, Cuore 1,Elephant Family and Tortuga Family: In Italy many people became addicted to videopokers. They put so much money on them, and they had to sell the house. Also some engineers modified videopokers to do less wins and so on... Because of this the government did some laws in order to regulate videopokers wins. Starting from around 1996/1997 there were subsequent laws because engineers always found a way to elude them. Today all the videopokers need to be connected via AAMS net (a government society de-dicated to games) which check if the videopoker is regular. Nowadays it's difficult to trick and the videopoker has to give 75% of wins. This has made videopoker market to collapse and infact there aren't many videopokers left. Also because the laws changed very often and old videopokers became illegal was a very bad thing for bar owners because they couldn't earn enough money. Pool 10 (now found!), apparently was the "father" of other italian gambling games. As soon as it became illegal, was converted to Cuore 1, Elephant Family, Tortuga Family and maybe other games. So you can see that engineers always found a simple way to elude the law. There is another set of Cuore 1. I didn't include it because the only difference with the supported set is the program rom that is double sized, having identical halves.

- Jolly Card (Austria, Fun World, bootleg): This one seems to have normal RAM instead of NVRAM. Going through the code, there's not any NVRAM initialization routine through service 1 & 2.

- Mongolfier New and Soccer New: These games are based in Royal Card. They are running in a heavely modified Royal Card hardware with a microcontroller as an extra (protection?) component and a TDA2003 as audio amplifier. The extra microcontroller is a 8 bit (PLCC-44) TSC87C52-16CB from Intel (now dumped!). Each set has double sized ROMs. One half contains the proper set and the other half store a complete Royal Card set, so... Is possible the existence of a shortcut,'easter egg', simple hack or DIP switches combination to enable the Royal Card game.

- Snooker 10: This game is running in a complete different hardware. 2x MACH231-15, an AD-65 (equivalent to OKI6295), no AY-8910, no NVRAM, no PIAs, no CRTC, different memory map, and an unknown DIP40 IC, that could be an extra CPU or MCU. Tiles are flipped in X-axis respect to the normal funworld games, so need it's own GFX decode. Also palette is stored in a normal 27C256 ROM, repeated 64 times. This game should be moved to a new driver in a near future, as soon as we know a bit more about it and start to implement the missing pieces for an accurate emulation.


- 0.112: Some improvements to funworld.c [Roberto Fresca]: All crystals documented via #defines. All CPU and sound clocks derived from #defined crystal values. Added DIP locations to all games. Added proper tsc87c52 MCU dumps to monglfir and soccernew. Modified the refresh rate to 60 fps.

- 0.110u5: Major funworld driver rewrite: [Roberto Fresca]: Merged/splitted some machine drivers, memory maps and inputs. Unified get_bg_tile_info for all games. Mapped the input buttons in a better format (all games) - Keys: 156-QW-ZXCVBNM. Added proper color PROM decode routines. Rewrote the technical notes. Splitted the driver to driver/video. Fixed screen size and visible area to Magic Card II based on mc6845 registers. Fixed CPU clock to 2MHz in all remaining games. Fixed AY8910 volume in all games to avoid clipping. A big Thanks to MAME Italian Forum guys for all their efforts.

- 25th November 2006: Roberto Fresca - Since last update, I decided to rewrite the entire funworld driver because the thing was becoming a whole mess. Additionally, a lot of improvements were made. I'll post a partial list of changes later. Jolly Card and Royal Card are working properly with full sound and perfect colors. Cuore 1 and Elephant Family have some odd things, but I'm planning to write a program that can run in the real hardware to output some answers... (thanks to f205v/kold/stekka that will send the boards).

- 0.109u4: wolf676 fixed lamps in funworld driver.

- 22nd October 2006: Roberto Fresca - I still need some pictures of funworld games running (jolly card, bonus card, magic card, big deal, elephant family, royal card). If you can contribute providing some of them, please contact me here or through the forums.

- 0.109u3: Updated funworld driver lamps and layout [wolf676]: Added external credit in counter (mapped as coin 1 counter). Added external credit out counter (mapped as coin 8 counter). Added button lamps hold1-5, cancel and start. Added simple button lamps artwork "funworld.lay".

- 0.100u2: Roberto Fresca cleaned up driver flags and parent/child relationships in the funworld driver.

- 0.99u5: Roberto Fresca added correct dipswitches to the funworld.c driver. Hopper and Points/pulse not tested due to preliminary driver state. The rest are working properly (Remember to delete the nvram and reinitialize to see some changes). Added also extra hardware info (pinouts and dips).