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Final Round (version M), The

0.37b14 [Guru]

0.36b9 [Phil Stroffolino]

0.36b8 [Phil Stroffolino]

0.36b6 [Phil Stroffolino]


- 0.60: Fixed gfx2 roms order.

- 14th April 2002: Angelo Salese fixed the Final Round version L and M graphics that have been broken for a while.

- 0.37b14: Added The Final Round (version M).

- 27th March 2001: Guru added new ROM sets for The Final Round, Galaga 3 and Tecmo World Cup '90.

- 0.36b10: Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 3579545 Hz.

- 0.36b9: Phil Stroffolino added 'The Final Round' (Konami 1988).

- 0.36b8: Phil Stroffolino added Hard Puncher (Japan) (Konami 1988).

- 21st October 1999: Phil Stroffolino sent in a Twin16 update, with Hard Puncher / Final Round being completely playable, but Vulcan Venture is still missing the collisions.

- 9th October 1999: Phil Stroffolino sent in a Twin16 update with working sprites in Vulcan Venture (but collisions are missing), and Final Round is also playable now.

- 0.36b6: Phil Stroffolino added Final Round (Testdriver).

ARCADE RELEASE: Hard Puncher (Konami) - 1988/Dec/15


Category: Boxing

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Champion Boxing


Super Punch-Out!!

Main Event

VS Gong Fight

King of Boxer

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (PlayChoice-10)

Vs. TKO Boxing

Heavyweight Champ

Final Blow

Ashita no Joe

Pound for Pound

Title Fight

Top Ranking Stars

Best Bout Boxing

Funky Head Boxers

Romset: 2608 kb / 10 files / 872 zip