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0.34b2 [Nicola Salmoria]

Samples required


- The Zip sound effect is hard to emulate 100% due to loading effects of the output stage on the charge stage. Derrick added some values to get a similar waveshape to the breadboarded circuit.

- The Buzzz sound starts off a little louder in volume then settles down to a steady buzzz. Whenever the trigger goes low, the sound is disabled. If it then goes high, the buzzz then starts off louder again. The games does this every time the fly moves. So Derrick made the sample start with the louder effect and then play for 12 seconds. A fly should move before this. If not the sample loops, adding the loud part as if the fly moved. This is obviously incorrect, but a fly never stands still for 12 seconds.


- 0.113u3: Fixed rom names and added user1 proms ($0, 20 - timing).

- 0.89u2: Derrick Renaud allowed frogs to use discrete sound to be used for tongue with samples for non-simulated sounds. Added Discrete_Components sound again.

- 0.89u1: Derrick Renaud modified samples and handling so the fly movement can be simulated. Also modified samples and handling so the long croak for a free game is simulated. Added new 'buzzz' and 'croak' sample.

- 0.89: Derrick Renaud removed discrete tongue sound and added Twisty's samples. The buzz sound of flys is constant because it can't be emulated properly until full discrete sound is supported. Added hop, boing, zip, croak, buzzz and splash.wav samples.

- 0.88u2: Derrick Renaud added discrete "tongue" sound effect to Frogs. Also added to DISCRETE_555_ASTABLE an option to use quick charge diode and modified DISCRETE_555_CC to discharge cap due to natural losses if there is no charging current. This makes it more accurate then the current perfect cap that will retain a charge forever (this will all be needed for Frogs).

- 0.74u1: Changed input to joy4way and buttons 1 (The original joystick was a 3-way stick, of which Mame's 4-way does a fine simulation).

- 18th September 2003: Robin Merrill fixed Frogs to use a proper 3-way joystick instead of the previous incorrect setup that had a 2-way joystick with an extra button.

- 0.36b7: Added 'Demo Sounds' dipswitch.

- 0.34b2: Nicola Salmoria added Frogs (Gremlin 1978).

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Romset: 9 kb / 10 files / zip