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0.36b10 [?]

0.06 [Nicola Salmoria, Robert Anschuetz]


- Clone froggrmc: After starting a game, the sound cuts off. Not in 36 final. Doesn't happen on the other sets of Frogger. froggrmc054yel Karasu

Possible Bugs:

- Clone frogg: Sometimes when you die the Galaxian starfield appears in the background. Generally on Galaxian board hacks you cut a pin that disables the starfield completely, so I would be very surprised if the original board does this, but you never know. frogg059gre Darkk / dwidel


- 0.113u2: Changed VSync to 60.606061 Hz.

- 0.99u8: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added clone Frogger (Falcon bootleg). Added Frogger color prom to clones Frog and Frog (Galaxian hardware).

- 0.94u2: Aaron Giles adjusted Frogger volume.

- 0.59: Added clone Frog (Galaxian hardware).

- 8th February 2002: Mike Coates added a bootleg of Frogger that runs on the Galaxian hardware.

- 0.53: Changed palettesize from 100 to 99 colors.

- 0.37b16: Exchange gfx1 rom ($0) with ($800). Changed VSync to 60.606060Hz and palettesize from 32 to 100 colors.

- 5th March 1999: Aaron Giles has fixed more drivers to work with rotation handling (galaga, frogger, burger time and their clones).

- 0.36b10: Added Frogger (Konami 1981). Renamed (frogger) to (frogseg2), (frogsega) to (frogseg1) and (frogger2) to (froggrmc).

- 0.31: Nicola Salmoria added clone Frogger (alternate version #2). Gerald Vanderick accurate the colors in Frogger.

- 0.30: Frank Palazzolo fixed music tempo in Frogger.

- 0.26a: Frogger doesn't have garbled chars anymore.

- 0.22: Some fixes to sprite priority in Frogger.

- 0.20: Frogger music tempo bring back to original value. Fast but flawless!

- 0.19: Some changes to music tempo of Frogger and added hiscore save.

- 0.15: Added clone Frogger (alternate version), smaller and with different help, but still (C) Sega 1981. Sound support in Frogger.

- 0.13: Fixed clone Frog (froggers), Nicola broke it while adding sound to Scramble. It now also uses the correct palette.

- 0.08: Mirko Buffoni added better colors to Frogger. Colors for Frogger derived from SPARCADE by Dave Spicer.

- 0.06: Nicola Salmoria added Frogger (Sega 1981) (wrong colors, no sound) and clone Frog (bootleg, version running on a Scramble board).

LEVELS: 1 (endless)

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Romset: 23 kb / 9 files / 15.6 zip