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Freeze (Atari) (prototype, English voice, 96/10/25)

0.110u1 [Aaron Giles]


- First, Enter your Service Mode, select Game Options and change the language to ENGLISH. Save the new settings - Exit the Service Mode and let the machine restart. Exit MAME. Start MAME again fresh and let the game run by itself. The first demo match should be Blumpy VS. Prissy. About 15 seconds into the match, the sound will suddenly drop out and does not seem to return unless you Enter Service Mode, then Adjust Volume to redetect the sound or simply hit F3 Reset. I noticed, too, the CPU requirements nearly double when this happens (like something is hanging up the emulation.. perhaps a speed hack gets broken?). It only seems to happen during that one particular demo match and only happens AFAIK with the ENGLISH setting. freezeat0110u4yel Tafoid

- Clone freezea2: Set 2 doesn't seem to work, it has a bad sound rom, and reports some kind of error on startup, rom check failure? It should be marked as not-working unless the check can be bypassed. freezea2_0110u2ora Haze


- 0.110u1: Added Freeze (Atari) (prototype) (Atari Games 1996) and clone Freeze (Atari) (prototype, set 2).

Romset: 18432 kb / 20 files / 10.4 zip