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Five a Side Soccer (ver UAA)

0.109u1 [Ville Linde]


- 0.108u1: Added Five a Side Soccer (ver UAA) (Konami 1995).

- 23rd September 2006: Ville Linde - This game was part of Konami's failed Ultra Sports experiment. The game is a head-to-head soccer game running on a special cocktail cabinet. The cabinet can be seen in the Ultra Sports flyer: On the hardware side things are very simple. The main processor is a PowerPC 403GA, for sounds there's a Konami 54539 (better known from Konami GX system), and the video is done with two palette-based framebuffer layers.

- 20th September 2006: Dumping Project - Purchased Five a Side Soccer (Konami). Thank go to the fivepeople who recently donated after the last request. A special thanks goes to Kevin.

Romset: 3200 kb / 7 files / 1.53 zip