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Finest Hour (Japan)

0.36b8 [Keith Wilkins]

0.36b6 [?]

Possible Bugs:

- After a continue, the level title remains on screen without fading out. Is it supposed to remain when starting a play too, it isn't supposed to remain at all or it is the correct behaviour??? finehour069u3gre Kale

- Some bigger enemies seems to have bad colors; they are completely black (except for some parts) and on some of them you can hit some parts but they don't change their color even when they are destroyed. For example the first level "boss" is completely black in level 1, but in level 4 you can see the same enemy but with blue shades. Probably the real thing should have brighter colours. Another example is when you meet the turrets in level 1; if you notice it, there are other turrets of the same kind in the background, and they have correct colors (they are gray). finehour069u3gre3 Kale


- 0.36b9: Fixed cpu4 rom ($8000).

- 0.36b8: Keith Wilkins added Finest Hour (Japan) (Namco 1989).

- 12th October 1999: Keith Wilkins sent in another Namco System 2 update with controls working in most games, and also fixed a lot of the graphics bugs. The playable games are now Assault, Ordyne, Mirai Ninja, Phelios, Valkyrie No Densetsu, Finest Hour, Burning Force, Marvel Land, Dragon Saber and Cosmo Gang the Video.

- 0.36b6: Added Finest Hour (Testdriver).

LEVELS: 4 (must be finished twice)

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Romset: 6312 kb / 29 files / 2.19 zip