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Final Lap 2

0.70u4 [Phil Stroffolino]

0.36b8 [?]


- 0.97u3: Brian Troha added Final Lap road clut prom to all Final Lap sets.

- 0.78u1: Added new gfx1 roms.

- 27th December 2003: Brian A. Troha added the correct object ROMs to Final Lap 2.

- 0.70u4: Added Final Lap 2 (Namco 1990) and clone Final Lap 2 (Japan).

- 26th November 2002: Phil Stroffolino sent in an updated Namco System 2 driver with improvements to Final Lap 2 and to Golly Ghost, which is now playable but still has some problems with the artwork emulation.

- 0.36b9: Added Final Lap 2 (Japan) (Testdriver).

- 0.36b8: Added Final Lap 2 (Testdriver).

Category: F1-3D

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Romset: 8617 kb / 29 files / 1.86 zip