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Fighting Roller

0.37b12 [Ville Laitinen]


* Correct colors

* Fix sound


- In both Fighting Roller and Roller Aces, when you hit a enemy skater while going at full speed, the game says that's worth 2000 points, but you only get 1000 points. Also, when you run over a money bag in Roller Aces, no points are given for that. IIRC, the money bag was worth something, but I'm not 100% sure (it's been a LONG time since I played this game in the arcade). This bug doesn't exist in Fighting Roller, since there is a brown boulder in place of the money bag (and you still fall when you run over it). Happens also in my Rolling Aces pcb, you get only 1000 points even if it says 2000. Kold666


- rollrace, fightrol: When you insert your initials, the scrolling bar of initials does not work properly. Basically, the letter you scroll to select is generally not going to the one that shows up. rollrace37b12gre SportsDude


- 0.77u3: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added clone Roller Aces (set 2). Renamed clone (rollrace) to (rollace). Changed visible area to 224x240.

- 8th December 2003: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added an alternate ROM set to the Roller Aces driver.

- 0.37b12: Added Fighting Roller and clone Roller Aces.

- 1st February 2001: Ville Laitinen further updated the Roller Aces driver.

- 31st January 2001: Marco Cassili added the dip switch settings to the Roller Aces driver.

- 27th January 2001: Ville Laitinen submitted the Roller Aces driver with sound emulation, though the sound may not be perfect.

- 20th January 2001: Ville Laitinen has been working on a Roller Aces driver and here's a glimpse of it. It lacks sound though and colors may not be perfect.

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Romset: 189 kb / 27 files / 45.3 zip