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Funky Head Boxers (JUETBKAL 951218 V1.000)

0.74u2 [?]


- The first time you run the game, it will say 'ERROR ON CARTRIDGE'. Press SERVICE (Key 9) and then TEST (F2) to get into the ST-V TEST MENU. Select 'SYSTEM ASSIGNMENTS' with SERVICE and press TEST to proceed, then set 'CABINET TYPE' to 1P (one player) and EXIT the test menu.


- 0.99u8: Mariusz Wojcieszek fixed Funky Head Boxers - Game now playable.

- 2nd September 2005: Mariusz Wojcieszek - The latest effects of my work will please sportsmen and fans of Sega Titan Video system in particular - Funky Head Boxers and Peeble Beach Golf Links are the next playable two titles. As you can see on the screens the driver needs a lot more work but smallest progress makes us happy.

- 0.90u4: Angelo Salese added a preliminary timer 1 irq handling, it fixes Pebble Beach booting but it doesn't work yet because of incomplete VDP-1 emulation. Noticed that ignoring VDP-1 long word access read by SH-2 isn't correct and not needed (because 'Steep Slope Sliders' is protected rather than using an illegal procedure), it was causing wrong graphics in Funky Head Boxers and boot errors in Pebble Beach, reversed it back to default.

Category: Boxing

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Romset: 35840 kb / 10 files / 18.2 zip