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Final Fight (World)

0.31 [Paul Leaman]


- During the test, there is gfx garbage. (ffight096u2gre - Kold666) I have a Final Fight PCB and it do show garbage during boot, but not everytime you boot and when it does it shows faster than in Mame... if you blink you miss it. And my King of Dragons PCB shows garbage just as Kold666 describe :-) - Stefan Lindberg


- 0.109u5: Robiza fixed priorities and the offset of layer 3 in clone Final Crash (World, bootleg).

- 0.104u9: Murray Melvin added clone Final Fight (US 900613).

- 0.100u2: David Haywood added clone Final Crash (World, bootleg).

- 0.69b: Razoola added clone Final Fight (Japan set 2).

- 23rd April 2002: Karl Stenerud fixed a lot of undocumented behaviour thanks to information from Bart T. Filipe Estima submitted an addition of a third button to Final Fight, which is only enabled with cheats.

- 8th February 2002: Aaron Giles fixed the bug in FM timers which affected Final Fight and lots of other games.

- 0.35b2: Nicola Salmoria added clone Final Fight (US).

- 0.33b3: Marco Cassili added clone Final Fight (Japanese).

- 0.31: Paul Leaman added Final Fight (Capcom 1989), preliminary with huge memory requirements.

ARCADE RELEASE: Final Fight (Capcom) - 1987/Dec/14


- Sometime in the 1990's... Metro City, a well known Crime Capital, has been ruled by violence and death for many years. A fact which the newly elected mayor and former Street Fighter, Mike Haggar, plans to change. At the center of the problem is the huge gang known as Mad Gear. Mad Gear controls all of the major criminal activity in the city. When they learned of Haggar's plans, they took immediate action to bring this new mayor under their control.


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Category: Street Fighter

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Romset: 3392 kb / 12 files / 1.36 zip