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Fantasy (World)

0.79 [Brian A. Troha]

0.16 [Nicola Salmoria, Brian Levine, Mirko Buffoni]

Samples required


* Hitachi HD38880/HD38882 speech


- In Fantasy (World) when you have lost all of your life a message come up in German. It means: You can continue playing from your current position when you insert a coin within 10 seconds or use a remaining credit. fantasy0105u3ora cpukett / Twisty / Luigi30 / RansAckeR


- 0.88u7: BUT added sample support to Fantasy. Changed M6502 CPU1 clock speed to 930000, sound2 roms addresses and VSync to 61.246746 Hz. Added samples ft_voi-0 to ft_voi-b.wav.

- 0.81u4: Curt Coder hooked up SN76477 sound in Fantasy, Nibbler and Pioneer Balloon, correct CPU frequency from schematics, merged memory maps, cleaned up driver a bit, fixed dips and enabled debug inputs. Changed M6502 CPU1 clock speed to 1411125 Hz, removed Vanguard sampels and added SN76477 sound.

- 0.79: Added Fantasy (World).

- 22nd January 2004: Brian A. Troha added the World version of Fantasy to the Rock-Ola driver.

- 0.36b9: Added clone Fantasy (Japan). Added missing sound2 roms ($0, $800, $1000).

- 0.36b7: Added Custom sound.

- 0.31: Dani Portillo added hiscore save in Fantasy.

- 0.29: Brian Levine fixed the Fantasy driver.

- 0.28: Nibbler and Fantasy have sound, using the Vanguard driver.

- 0.16: Nicola Salmoria added Fantasy (Rock-ola 1981). There are several problems, it's not playable.


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Romset: 57 kb / 19 files / 31.8 zip