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Extreme Downhill (v1.5)

0.37b16 [Luca Elia]


- Small brown boxes that seem to be graphic glitches appear on the slopes, beginning on Course 2. Screenshot linked, an example can be see just to the right of the fire, above the player. Possible bad dump/stuck bits? extdwnhl37b16gre Smitdogg

- After you've finished the 1st race, in one of the following screens which shows everyone's place in the race, if you press the brake button to get it to clear, there is a line of graphics at the top of the screen that doesn't clear in time correctly. Check the screenshots, taken about 1-2 seconds apart. extdwnhl058gre Smitdogg

- The announcer's voice is garbled, robot-like, and very low volume. Sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher mumbling inside a tin box. extdwnhl065gre Karasu / Smitdogg


- 1st June 2001: Luca Elia added Extreme Downhill to the Seta driver.


Category: Ski

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Romset: 9216 kb / 7 files / 3.69 zip