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Exciting Soccer

0.34b7 [Ernesto Corvi, Jarek Parchanski]


- Clone exctsccb: For the sake of documentation, Exciting soccer bootleg should be placed in champbas.c. Me and f205v have dumped it 2 years ago (same dump as the current one), we documented the hardware (see info). The hardware is very different from Exciting soccer 1 and 2. Most important on board there is an Alpha 8201 mcu instead of the 8301 one. I have just found that Exciting soccer (bootleg) is a conversion from Championship Baseball 2, look for yourself: [] []. I attach a (bad) pic of the kazutomi board, as you can see there is a lot of flying wires from that board to the original display board. So Exciting soccer bootleg should be placed in champbas.c. Also the frequencies of the bootleg are wrong since they should be identical to the champbas.c games. As for the following comment in exctsccr.c source: "I'm using the ROMs from exctscc2, national flags are wrong (ITA replaces USA)". It's an original bug, the pcb does the same (forget the colours,I wired blue and red wrong on the pcb, but it's enough to see the original bug). Kazutomi forgot to patch it. The roms are good and have their original stickers (not modified). exctsccb0111u2ora Kold666


- 0.104u8: Tatsuyuki Satoh added emulation of the Alpha 8201/8301 MCU and connected it to Exciting Soccer. Added ALPHA-8301 (500000 HZ) CPU3.

- 0.35b11: Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 4123456 Hz.

- 0.35b10: Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 4001000 Hz.

- 0.35b1: Thierry Lescot added clone Exciting Soccer (alternate music).

- 0.34b8: Jarek Parchanski added hiscore save in Exciting Soccer.

- 0.34b7: Ernesto Corvi and Jarek Parchanski added Exciting Soccer (Alpha Denshi 1983) and clone (bootleg) (Kazutomi 1984). Issues: The song that should be played during the match is selected through the Alpha MCU. The bootleg mutilated the audio part, so information about this table is not available. Cocktail mode is unsupported. Sprites colors/banking?

LEVELS: 5 (endless)

Category: Soccer

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Romset: 93 kb / 16 files / 58.1 zip